First of all, this is just two situations I want to argue.
Imagine you are an university student and you have the most important exam, the final exam of college. You get really angry with your mother because she is the worst person in the entire world. She keeps on hurting you and she doesn’t allow you any freedom even now that you are in college. She turned like this since her husband left her with a young lady. She is just being a bitch to you because she needs to blame someone. She’s obvioulsy barking up the wrong tree.
Well, you fail the exam and your mum can’t be more angry with you. You go to your room and say, “my life is a shit”: my father left us, my mother will never be happy with me and I failed. You forget you have friends and you have a boyfriend.
Another situation;
Imagine one morning you wake up and you are blind. That day you can’t see anything. That day you can only cry and you are so scared. Someone brings you to the doctor, and you have a huge hope because you always had a good health.The doctor tells you you’ll be blind until you die.
What happens next? You know a few friends you can always trust. But what if you didn’t had that good friends? Would you trust the people you meet?
Okay. You are blind and you must assume it. You are not able of turning the tables with any one. It is your sickness and it won’t leave you until the day you stop being.
You have now two options: one, you cry, and you cry, and you despise yourself, and you try to kill yourself… or two, you try to accept it, you learn how to live without eyes but you know you will miss seeing the world.
Finally lets go back, to when you were the first girl. I’m asking you, will you still think your life is a shit?
Stand up and fight, things can always be worse and people will always hurt you. You just need to learn not being such a coward.

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