The future: now what?

Well, after this year with such hard work and such stressful exams I'm finally done. I already have finished batxillerat and nobody will be able to steal it from me. However I still have the leaving cert to come and I don't feel satisfied. I feel this year has been a waste of time. Not a full waste of time, because I have learnt a lot, and I have improved in those subjects I thought impossible. But I mean a waste of my studying so hard. At the begining of the course I wanted to do medicine and I worked so hard, so hard as I could and my marks were ridiculous. At the end my marks have improved but I haven't achieved my goal. Now I know I won't get into medicine even I have lots of 8s and other good marks. I feel like all this hard work has gone no where because I won't be able to do what I really wanted, what I really have fought for. Anyway, I'm sure someday I'll find a career I like or I'll get into medicine working harder in some other ways. Who knows what future is waiting for us. Now I have done what I had to, and that was fighting and working hard. If I didn't get it , maybe I'm not clever enough, or maybe it wasn't my thing to do. At least I have given it a try and I now know I have worked the hardest I could. That's the end of the blog, it's the end of batxillerat, and I should be happy but now I'm not. But I'm not angry with anybody I'm just kind of frustrated as many people from the class were today. Marks go lower or higher and they decide what we are going to become in the future. I just hope for all my classmates that the leaving cert goes well , and they, just as me, were sad of having worked so hard and haven't succeeded, I send them lots of hope and luck.

That's it, let's see what we'll become in 4 years or more!

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  1. Who knows, Marta!
    Maybe you are sad/frustrated/disappointed etc but in a few years you'll look back at this time of your life and I am pretty sure you will smile at yourself and say: Look how far I've come! And here I thought it was the end of the world.
    You are hard-working and fight for your dreams and that will get you far. Maybe you don't know where yet, but surely somewhere you'll have had to fight for and got it eventually, just like the majority of mortals have to do...
    a big hug and a medal to your hard-work and constant fight! My hat off to you!