Research Project Oral Presentation !

Research Project Oral Presentation !

Research Project : Idioms and Proverbs



Well first of all I think my presentation was quite well done because it was supported with a powerpoint with several images all focused on the topic with a time between 5-10 minuts. So, on this part I'll put myself 8/10 because it can always be better.

Body Language & Eye Contact

Secondly, on this part I think I did very good thinking of how nervous I was and how much I moved because of this. So I might put myself 8/10 because I was looking to the audience, I wasn't reading my notes and I helped my explanation with gestures.


Thirdly, in this part I think I did very well too because I had a good structure with markers and with questions of some of the topics I had to explain. Well then I would put 8/10, because I might have repeated many times some markers.


Well on this point I think the message was quite clear and with enough examples. The information was detailed as much as I could according to the time I had to explain the project, and I think it was new information for all the audience. On this part then, I would put a 35/40.


The grammar is correct but it's not complex, so I could improve on that point. The vocabulary was rich and varied, though I repeated many times the word 'instance'. I used many connectors and fillers so that was a good thing I did. Well then I would put myself a 10/20

Pronunciation & Intonation

Finally, I think the pronunciation was very comprehensible according to what my companions said. Well about the tone of voice I think I changed my tone of voice and I spoke with a fluid continuum. So this part would be 8/10

Total 77/100