My english progress from 4th of ESO to now:

First of all, lets take a look to the comment on that link:

Well, in this blog, as you can see I had just written one post using very simple language. Compared to the posts I have written this year, this one is very short and it has a huge lack of connectors. You can notice that my english isn't fluent as I just write short sentences.

Secondly, look at any post on my blog from this year. Well, now you can see that all the compositions I have done during this course do have connectors and a very good structure. In my compositions from 4th of ESO I didn't had any structure, I didn't use any connectors and I didn't use many adjectives either, so I kept on repeating the same words. This year, besides I have been abroad in Dublin, I have learnt a lot about connectors and structures. From now on if I have to write a text in english I won't forget connectors and structure. Either would I forget to use lots of vocabulary that we have learnt to make the composition nicer and more fluent.

Now, let's take a look to my second oral presentation (with the first one I had problems at uploading the video). It's on this link: http://martagrauu.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2010-03-15T03%3A34%3A00-07%3A00&max-results=7

Well, as we can see this year I have learnt how to do oral presentations and how to calm down. The first oral presentation of which I don't have a video on line, was about plastic surgery. For that oral exposition I got really nervous and I started talking very fast. I remember Frankie was worried because I was going to finish the exposition in 2 minuts due to the speed at which I was talking. During this course apart of learning connectors and structure, as I said before, I have gained a lot of confidence.

As we can see in the second oral exposition I don't talk so fast as I said I did in the first one.
In the second oral though I was moving all the time because of the nerves.

At last, if we take a look to the third oral presentation:

We can see that in this one I wasn't nervous. So at least after a few oral presentations I have succceeded at controlling my nerves! which was a huge challenge!

I actually don't see that huge development during this course but because I came from Dublin (where I learnt lots of English). I do see development in writing structures, and in my oral presentations. During the course I have learnt how to do a good oral presentation, with new information, connectors, correct grammar... and different types of writings: narrative, discussion, formal and informal letter, opinion essay ...

To conclude with, I would say that the hugest improvement has been from 4th of ESO until now, when I have reached a good level of English.

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