Grace Kelly - Mika

I wanna talk to you{The last time we talked Mr. Smith you reduced me to tears)
I promise you that won't happen again.
Do I attract you?Do I repulse you with my crazy smile?Am I too dirty? Am I too flirty?Do I like what you like?Yeah, I could be wholesome,I could be loathsome,I guess I'm a little bit shyWhy don't you like me?Why don't you like me without making me try?I try to be like Grace KellyBut all her looks were too sadSo I tried a little FreddieI've gone identity mad!I could be brown, I could be blueI could be violet skyI could be hurtful, I could be purpleI could be anything you likeGotta be green, gotta be meanGotta be everything moreWhy don't you like me?Why don't you like me?Why don't you walk out the door!

Vull parlar amb tu (l'últim cop que vam parlar senyor Smith em vas fer plorar)
Et prometo que no passarà més.
T'atrec?et repel·lo amb el meu somriure esbojarrat?Sóc massa brut? Sóc massa lligon?M'agrada el que t'agrada?Sí, jo puc ser sa, jo puc ser repugnant,m'imagino que sóc una mica tímit. Perquè no t'agrado?Perquè no t'agrado sense deixar-me intentar-ho?Intento ser com la Grace Kelly però tots els seus posats eren massa tristos. Així vaig intentar un petit Freddie, m'he tornat boig pel que fa a la identitat!Jo puc ser moreno, jo puc ser blau, jo puc ser un cel lila, jo puc ser dolorós, jo puc ser lila, jo puc ser tot el que tu vulguis. Has de ser verd, has de ser dolent, has de ser tot i més! Perquè no t'agrado?Perquè no t'agrado?Perquè no surts fora per la porta!

The future: now what?

Well, after this year with such hard work and such stressful exams I'm finally done. I already have finished batxillerat and nobody will be able to steal it from me. However I still have the leaving cert to come and I don't feel satisfied. I feel this year has been a waste of time. Not a full waste of time, because I have learnt a lot, and I have improved in those subjects I thought impossible. But I mean a waste of my studying so hard. At the begining of the course I wanted to do medicine and I worked so hard, so hard as I could and my marks were ridiculous. At the end my marks have improved but I haven't achieved my goal. Now I know I won't get into medicine even I have lots of 8s and other good marks. I feel like all this hard work has gone no where because I won't be able to do what I really wanted, what I really have fought for. Anyway, I'm sure someday I'll find a career I like or I'll get into medicine working harder in some other ways. Who knows what future is waiting for us. Now I have done what I had to, and that was fighting and working hard. If I didn't get it , maybe I'm not clever enough, or maybe it wasn't my thing to do. At least I have given it a try and I now know I have worked the hardest I could. That's the end of the blog, it's the end of batxillerat, and I should be happy but now I'm not. But I'm not angry with anybody I'm just kind of frustrated as many people from the class were today. Marks go lower or higher and they decide what we are going to become in the future. I just hope for all my classmates that the leaving cert goes well , and they, just as me, were sad of having worked so hard and haven't succeeded, I send them lots of hope and luck.

That's it, let's see what we'll become in 4 years or more!


My English Competence in 2010

my best oral presentation:


Well, I actually don't think it is that good but it might be the best one. In this oral presentation I'm introducing some new information about renewable energies and I help my explanation with images. I think this one is kind of the best because I'm not nervous and I'm fluent. I also think the interview with the British people makes the presentation very rich. According to the time, it's between the correct and I'm using connectors very often.

my best written evidence:


If I had to chose my best written evidence it would be that one. It's not special full of connectors or rather with lots of difficult writing. I chose this one because I think I show a knowledge of English big enough. That writting is a story I invented and I actually like my story, because it's a sort of reflection of peoples attitude. But the reason because I chose that composition is for the puntuation, the adjectives, the conectors and the fluency that the composition shows. Maybe I do have other writtings that are better according to structure but I like that one the most.


My english progress from 4th of ESO to now:

First of all, lets take a look to the comment on that link:

Well, in this blog, as you can see I had just written one post using very simple language. Compared to the posts I have written this year, this one is very short and it has a huge lack of connectors. You can notice that my english isn't fluent as I just write short sentences.

Secondly, look at any post on my blog from this year. Well, now you can see that all the compositions I have done during this course do have connectors and a very good structure. In my compositions from 4th of ESO I didn't had any structure, I didn't use any connectors and I didn't use many adjectives either, so I kept on repeating the same words. This year, besides I have been abroad in Dublin, I have learnt a lot about connectors and structures. From now on if I have to write a text in english I won't forget connectors and structure. Either would I forget to use lots of vocabulary that we have learnt to make the composition nicer and more fluent.

Now, let's take a look to my second oral presentation (with the first one I had problems at uploading the video). It's on this link: http://martagrauu.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2010-03-15T03%3A34%3A00-07%3A00&max-results=7

Well, as we can see this year I have learnt how to do oral presentations and how to calm down. The first oral presentation of which I don't have a video on line, was about plastic surgery. For that oral exposition I got really nervous and I started talking very fast. I remember Frankie was worried because I was going to finish the exposition in 2 minuts due to the speed at which I was talking. During this course apart of learning connectors and structure, as I said before, I have gained a lot of confidence.

As we can see in the second oral exposition I don't talk so fast as I said I did in the first one.
In the second oral though I was moving all the time because of the nerves.

At last, if we take a look to the third oral presentation:

We can see that in this one I wasn't nervous. So at least after a few oral presentations I have succceeded at controlling my nerves! which was a huge challenge!

I actually don't see that huge development during this course but because I came from Dublin (where I learnt lots of English). I do see development in writing structures, and in my oral presentations. During the course I have learnt how to do a good oral presentation, with new information, connectors, correct grammar... and different types of writings: narrative, discussion, formal and informal letter, opinion essay ...

To conclude with, I would say that the hugest improvement has been from 4th of ESO until now, when I have reached a good level of English.



Renewable energies and recycling



Somewhere over the rainbow
En algun lloc sobre l’arc de St. Martí

Way up high,
Camí amunt

And the dreams that you've dreamed of

i els somnis que vas somiar
Once in a lullaby.
Una vegada en una cançó de cuna

Somewhere over the rainbow
En algun lloc sobre l’arc de St. Martí

Bluebirds fly,
Ocells blaus volen

And the dreams that you've dreamed of
I els somnis que vas somiar

Dreams really do come true.
Els somnis de veritat es fan realitat

Someday i'll wish upon a star
Algun dia demanaré un desig a una estrella

And wake up where the clouds are far
I em desperataré allà on els núvols siguin lluny

Behind me.
Darrera meu.
Where troubles melts like lemon drops
On els problemes es desfan com gotes de llimona

Away above the chimney tops
Més endalt que les ximeneies

That's where you'll find me.
Allà és on em trobaràs.

Somewhere over the rainbow
En algun lloc sobre l’arc de St.Martí

Bluebirds fly.
Ocells blaus volen

And the dreams that you dare to..
I els somnis que tu t’atreveixes a

Oh why, oh why can't I?

oh perquè, oh perquè jo no puc?
Well, I see

bé, jo veig
Trees of green and red roses too,
Arbres verds i roses vermelles també,

I'll watch them bloom for me and you
Jo les veuré florir per mi i tu

And I think to myself,
I penso per mi,

What a wonderful world.
Quin món més maravellós.

Well I see,
Bé jo veig,

Skies of blues and, clouds of white,

Cels blaus i núvols blancs
And the brightness of day, I like the dark
I la llum del dia, m’agrada la foscor

And I think to myself,
I penso per miWhat a wonderful world.
Quin món més meravellós.

The colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky
Els colors de l’arc de St.Martí tan bonics en el cel

Are also on the faces of people passing by
També estan en les cares de la gent que passa

I see friends shaking hands saying how do you do
Veig amics donant-se les mans i dient ¿com vas?

They're really saying I... I love you.

realment estan dient... t’estimo.
I hear babies cry, I watch them grow
Sento bebés plorant, i els veig crèixer

They'll learn much more than really know
Ells aprendran molt més del que es sap

And I think to myself
I penso per mi

What a wonderful world.

Quin món més meravellós.
Someday i'll wish upon a star
Algun dia demanaré un desig a una estrella

And wake up where the clouds are far
I em despertaré on els núvols estiguin lluny

Behind me.
Radera meu

Where troubles melt like lemon drops
On els núvols es desfan com gotes de llimona

Away above the chimney tops
Més amunt que les ximeneies

That's where you'll find me.
Allà és on em trobaràs.

Somewhere over the rainbow
En algun lloc sobre l’arc de St. Martí

Way up high,
Camí amunt,

And the dreams that you dare to
I els somnis que tu t’atreveixes a

Oh why, oh why can't I?
Oh perquè, oh perquè jo no puc?


On a Saturday Laura was talking with Armanda the wife of his cousin Egbert. Laura was going to die on Tuesday and she hardly believed she was going to be rencarnated as an otter and an unclothed Nubian boy after. Laura made angry Egber at letting the dogs from the farm out and they ran after the chickens. Laura died on a Monday and before her funeral the chickens where killed by an otter. Armanda asked to Sir Lulworth if there was anybody insane in her family. They killed the otter though Armanda defended it. Then some Nubian boy threw all the clean shirts of Egbert into the bath. Armanda then got ill.


This isn’t a nice post. I will explain my worst nightmare as a little story.
Well, it all begins when I start walking. I start walking with lots of people walking after me. There are also lots of people walking in front of me. We are all walking in a line without any destination, without any hope and or happiness. We walk, and we keep on walking. All of a sudden I turn my head back and I see all of them. They are people just like me, walking with no desires. They all walk wearing a black coat and you can’t hardly see their face. Their face is a shadow and I can just see their red strong eyes. Those eyes are sad, those eyes are full of nothing. Everything is empty. We all walk with a chain that is fasten on our feet. Nobody stops walking and no body falls. If somebody had fallen we would all have fell down the dark hall. Without noticing it at the beginning I start seeing that we are walking in circles. I can’t see the full circle but I know I’m walking around. All of a sudden I see my parents. They are walking just in front of me. We are all slaves, we are slaves of walking in circles. No body laughs, nobody talks, nobody hopes and or thinks. I start realising we are walking on ribs, bones. Those are my ribs and everyone I hardly know is walking there in circles. I’m not scared, I’m not happy and I’m not sad. I feel just like walking, it’s like a rutine and it doesn’t feel bad because everybody else is walking too. But then, I wake up. I’m in my bed. I’m in my bed and I can’t move. I’m there laying down and I can’t even close my eyes. I’m starting getting really paranoid. My whole body hurts. I fight against myself to move a single finger and I can’t. Everytime I try I fail. I get really scared and nervous. I keep on trying to move my body and I can’t. I try, and I work hard, and I scream to myself. I don’t even hear my own breathing. I try to scream for help but I can’t. Then all my body starts itching and I want to scratch but I can’t. I’m under a terrible pain. A huge pain I can’t stand. I’m on my one with my body, a body that isn’t connected to me. It feels so lonely, I just feel the pain of my body and I can’t move. I can’t move. I can’t move, I can’t move, and I try I try so hard to move. I just want to cry. I can’t even cry. I’m so dry, I’m so dry. I’m nothing full of pain. I’m paralized. I feel a huge impotence at not beeing able of moving, screaming, crying. It’s so awful, I can’t move, I can’t move.
Then, I fall a sleep again. The next morning I wake up. This dream happens once in a while. But when it happens I’m scared, it really scares me out. When I wake up I always have the same question; what part was real? Was I dreaming when I couldn’t move? Who knows, I felt so awake. I feel the pain even when I think of the dream. I should better say nightmare. This dream started when I was living in Barcelona long time ago and it didn’t come up anymore until a few years ago. This year I dreamt it at least twice a month. I got to the point of analyzing it. What my dream might represent is that the world, our lives, are just a rutine. Our lives keep just on going in circles, of a huge nothing. All we do is all they did and all they will do. All we feel is all they have feelt and all they will feel. There’s nothing that makes us special. For someone we might be their world, but for the world we are nothing, just one more. Maybe what the slaves of my dream represent is what I just say, the rutine. The faces of the slaves full of nothing might represent the indifference, their lack of living. I don’t think anyone succeeded with everything so that might be shown on my dream too. The strangest thing of it is when I wake and I’m paralyzed. What would that mean? Is it showing I have limits? That even working hard you don’t get anywhere? Or is it fear, fear of impotence?
Anyway I don’t get the full picture of the dream, so I’ll be just hoping I don’t have this nightmare anymore. And I feel so sorry for those people paraplegic people… they must feel so impotent at not being able to move a part of their body. Or for those blind people who can not see our beautiful nature. Or for those mute people who can not scream for help, or talk silent words of love…
Maybe someday that will all have a cure, I really hope so.


Everytime he would look out the window he would see her. She was as pale as a death swan, she had beautiful brown locks and a perfect figure. Every girl would have died for her skin.
He was just a normal fellow. He used to go for a run with his dogs to the beach. It was actually there where he first saw her. He couldn’t believe it. He just saw her shadow and he felt so inlove. He felt he was falling so deep, deep, deep under water. A dark blue water. After that time, he saw her once in Paris. He went there for a trip with his girlfriend. When he saw her it was in Notre Dam church (a gorgeous cathedral by the way). During the night he drank wine with his girlfriend and had a romantic dinner. His girlfriend was a thin, dark-eyed, strong woman. His girlfriend was that kind of woman you would always look into her eyes. Her eyes were so strong, so full of power. With a single look she would have told you everything. He had been in love so strongly with her but now he was starting an obsesion with the pale girl. That night in the hotel he slept and dreamt. He slept during fifteen years and when he woke up things started getting serious. He was married with the thin, dark-eyed woman. He had had two little sons, and didn’t realize it. He had lived a life without them. He could only think of that woman. He had been seeing that woman during fifteen years. He had seen her always on the beach or in the Notre Dam church of Paris. His wife loved him but didn’t care anymore of his lack of personality. She was strong enough to keep on going without him, she just didn’t want him to go away. He never told any of his dreams to his wife either to his sons ( he hardly remembered their names). The woman of the dreams had chocolate locks. She was extremily gorgeous everyone would have fallen in love with her. He fell in love at first sight. But he never saw her face. He could just see a perfect and naked back, always insinuating her most intimate parts. He had seen her breast and had smelt her smell. She was so precious, she was just an unbelievable creature that had taken away his life. She was real. She lived in a house in front of the beach. Nobody knew her name, nobody knew much of her. She used to get out of her house at nine o’clock at night and start walking in the shore. She knew the boy was going everyday to the beach so he could see her. She knew she was destroying men’s lives, but she loved to play. She loved to be followed in silence. She loved the way they all admired her. She loved their trying to imagine her smooth skin.
The wife of the man didn’t know any of this. Or maybe she didn’t want to know.
Once, the man went to the beach as usually and she was sitting on shore. He got so happy and full of hope he could ask her name or feel her closer. She knew he had her eyes on her and waited for him to come closer. He came quitely and sat next to her. Her locks where covering her face and with a gentle hand he went to put back her hair. She hesitated. And finally she turned to him and showed the face he was dying to see. And so much he was dying that he got a huge shock. That pretty girl, that huge beauty had a burned face. Her face was like a huge scar. Her face was an eyesore to see. Her face hurted just to see. And she cried, stand up and left. She kept walking everynight as she used to. Once in a while somebody would come to see her, and when she had shown her face they all disappeared.
What’s that? Isn’t cruel to say apperances can be deceiving? Can you throw your live away for a single obsession? And can you judge someone for day physic?
The point of my story is people. People’s attitudes. How far they can go and how quickly they can come back. People can get so obsessed and can think they are in love or they really want something. And then, pum! They don’t like it, it didn’t mean anything to them, they go back. Was this girl being mean at letting the boys follow her? Was she to be blamed for having the face she had? She had once been perfect, the world’s love, the most beautiful creature but something happened. The jealousy burnt her face with the acid of anger.


Billy Weaver had travelled from London to Both and was going to the hotel ‘the Bell and the Dragon’ because someone suggested it to him. On the way he saw a place called ‘BED&BREAKFAST’ and he felt like those words were forcing him to get in there, so he did.There was an old and pleasant woman who invited him in. She was misterious and calling him with other names. The weird thing was that that bed&breakfast had just had two guests: Christopher Mulholland and Gregory W.Temple. Those names sounded familiar to Weaver. The old lady said they still lived in the 3rd floor. She also had a dog and a parrot which seemed real, but the landlady said she preserved all her little pets when they died.


Last year I was living in Dublin for a few months and Paddy’s day is a very important day for them. Saint Patrick is the most recognized patron saint of Ireland. It is a public holiday in Ireland.
Saint Patrick’s day is celebrated by everybody. Everyone goes wearing green clothes and even some of them are dressed up as leprechauns. It’s a great party and everybody goes out the streets.
Last year, Dublin was full of people wearing green clothes with their faces painted. Lots of tourists came too, and they all wore huge green hats. Everybody was drinking from morning until night time. It was just crazy the way people were getting locked. It’s such a great party were everybody goes to the city to see the march.
The march is beautiful, lots of people are playing instruments and wearing outfits. I think it’s a very nice (though crazy) celebration and people should go and see it because the march is very nice. I had a great day and I hope I’m able to go there again if I’m not too busy studying.


First of all, this is just two situations I want to argue.
Imagine you are an university student and you have the most important exam, the final exam of college. You get really angry with your mother because she is the worst person in the entire world. She keeps on hurting you and she doesn’t allow you any freedom even now that you are in college. She turned like this since her husband left her with a young lady. She is just being a bitch to you because she needs to blame someone. She’s obvioulsy barking up the wrong tree.
Well, you fail the exam and your mum can’t be more angry with you. You go to your room and say, “my life is a shit”: my father left us, my mother will never be happy with me and I failed. You forget you have friends and you have a boyfriend.
Another situation;
Imagine one morning you wake up and you are blind. That day you can’t see anything. That day you can only cry and you are so scared. Someone brings you to the doctor, and you have a huge hope because you always had a good health.The doctor tells you you’ll be blind until you die.
What happens next? You know a few friends you can always trust. But what if you didn’t had that good friends? Would you trust the people you meet?
Okay. You are blind and you must assume it. You are not able of turning the tables with any one. It is your sickness and it won’t leave you until the day you stop being.
You have now two options: one, you cry, and you cry, and you despise yourself, and you try to kill yourself… or two, you try to accept it, you learn how to live without eyes but you know you will miss seeing the world.
Finally lets go back, to when you were the first girl. I’m asking you, will you still think your life is a shit?
Stand up and fight, things can always be worse and people will always hurt you. You just need to learn not being such a coward.


Haldeman is a 48 years old man that is divorced of his wife Mana who said she would take every dollar of his money. He has a restaurant in Los Angeles (where nobody goes). In the restaurant he has a chef, José, and a business manager, Hyatt. Haldeman is ruined: he needed money for his apartment, for his ex-wife Mana and for his gambling debts. Hyatt produced false accounts for the last financial year. Haldeman and Hyatt had a plan; Haldeman went to a Ranchero motel letting the gas of his restaurant open. The restaurant was ment to be full of gas when at 3 o’clock the chef would go there to cook. They agreed that Hyatt would call Harleman at 3 o’clock to tell him what happened. Harleman was in the desert and it was very hot. When the phone rang he went to answer it but the ground was hot as hell and did not feel solid under his feet. The mexican workman had only finished putting down the new tar of the day before. So Haldeman heard the phone ringing while he was being burnt on the ground until he died.
The plan didn’t succed because José, the chef, was sick that day.

LOUSIANA 02/05/10

There’s a leakage of petrol in Mexico, in Lousiana.
The black marine caused by the leakage is leaking 4 million liters of petrol.
This is very dangerous because it is damaging our environment. All the animals that live in the water will get damaged by the petrol. Petrol sticks to the feathers of the birds and those will die because it brakes their natural protection (impermeable). Fishes will also die because the petrol will stay on top of the water making a small keep which won’t allow the sunlight in. Because of this plants and fishes will die.
The black marine is a huge ambient disaster. Experts say that this disaster could get over five times the Alaska leakage from 1989.
We also know a closer black marine here in Spain. A few years ago a petroleum boat had a leakage and all the petrol leaked into the Galician coast. This disaster was called Prestige.I hope that experts can stop that leakage because it damages lots of living creatures and it damages our environment.