My English Competence in 2010

my best oral presentation:


Well, I actually don't think it is that good but it might be the best one. In this oral presentation I'm introducing some new information about renewable energies and I help my explanation with images. I think this one is kind of the best because I'm not nervous and I'm fluent. I also think the interview with the British people makes the presentation very rich. According to the time, it's between the correct and I'm using connectors very often.

my best written evidence:


If I had to chose my best written evidence it would be that one. It's not special full of connectors or rather with lots of difficult writing. I chose this one because I think I show a knowledge of English big enough. That writting is a story I invented and I actually like my story, because it's a sort of reflection of peoples attitude. But the reason because I chose that composition is for the puntuation, the adjectives, the conectors and the fluency that the composition shows. Maybe I do have other writtings that are better according to structure but I like that one the most.

2 comentaris:

  1. At the begining, I thought it couldn't be a happy ending with the marks and etc. You improved a lot, concretly in Earth Science, moreover you passed chemistry without problems.
    I'm very proud. Well, of course I will never forget this year, which was the most suffered of uour lives. I'm full of sadness that know I won't be beside you in the class next year :(
    But, now a stressful weeks to prepare selectivity and then we meet in Sevilla ;) Good luck Martinss

  2. Dear Marta,
    pursue your dreams with this fierce passion and hard work you have shown us this year... We are all really proud of you! Yet try to leave all the stress behind and simply get things going. NO need to torture yourself! ;)
    Keep smiling, Marta!
    Good luck and take care of yourself!