Haldeman is a 48 years old man that is divorced of his wife Mana who said she would take every dollar of his money. He has a restaurant in Los Angeles (where nobody goes). In the restaurant he has a chef, José, and a business manager, Hyatt. Haldeman is ruined: he needed money for his apartment, for his ex-wife Mana and for his gambling debts. Hyatt produced false accounts for the last financial year. Haldeman and Hyatt had a plan; Haldeman went to a Ranchero motel letting the gas of his restaurant open. The restaurant was ment to be full of gas when at 3 o’clock the chef would go there to cook. They agreed that Hyatt would call Harleman at 3 o’clock to tell him what happened. Harleman was in the desert and it was very hot. When the phone rang he went to answer it but the ground was hot as hell and did not feel solid under his feet. The mexican workman had only finished putting down the new tar of the day before. So Haldeman heard the phone ringing while he was being burnt on the ground until he died.
The plan didn’t succed because José, the chef, was sick that day.

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