Last year I was living in Dublin for a few months and Paddy’s day is a very important day for them. Saint Patrick is the most recognized patron saint of Ireland. It is a public holiday in Ireland.
Saint Patrick’s day is celebrated by everybody. Everyone goes wearing green clothes and even some of them are dressed up as leprechauns. It’s a great party and everybody goes out the streets.
Last year, Dublin was full of people wearing green clothes with their faces painted. Lots of tourists came too, and they all wore huge green hats. Everybody was drinking from morning until night time. It was just crazy the way people were getting locked. It’s such a great party were everybody goes to the city to see the march.
The march is beautiful, lots of people are playing instruments and wearing outfits. I think it’s a very nice (though crazy) celebration and people should go and see it because the march is very nice. I had a great day and I hope I’m able to go there again if I’m not too busy studying.

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