Football Club Barcelona

I’m not exactly a fan of Football Club Barcelona, but after living in Dublin with three boys I started enjoying football. Last week Barcelona played twice against Sevilla. The first match was decisive of the King’s Cup. Barcelona played in the Sevilla’s field, where they won the match (0-1) but they had to score two goals to stay in the Cup, so they were disqualified. The second match was in Camp Nou where Barcelona won Sevilla in the second part of the match. Barcelona scored 4 goals, which made it stay first on the league clasification (Barcelona 46 followed by Real Madrid 41). The four goals where scored by: Pedro, Escudé and two of Messi, who scored 100 goals with the FCB shirt. FCBarcelona did very well on this match, and showed that even disqualified of the King’s Cup, this team is still the best of the whole world.


Avatar is the new movie of James Cameron, the director of Titanic. Titanic made a box office of $28.6 millions while Avatar is at $27 millions. This makes those two movies of the same director the most successfull box office ever. Avatar also wins the ‘globos the oro’ of the best director and the best movie.

I went to see Avatar in 3D last Saturday and I found it a very good movie. At first I didn’t want to go watch it because when I saw the blue people I thought it was another of those science fiction movies. I left the cinema with a great feeling.The movie Avatar takes place in Pandora, which is like any other world. The Earth habitants have a naval base in Pandora because they want a really expensive mineral which is there. The problem is that the mineral is under the Mother Tree where Pandora’s habitants live. The habitants of Pandora are really hard to kill, and that causes a war. The nice thing of the movie is that it also includes love apart of science fiction and it leaves you with a very weird feeling of how humans are. The feeling you are left with is, that we, humans are destroying the world, we destroy everything.

Earthquake in Haiti

Haiti is a Republic which has a population of 8,924,553 (2008), and shares the island with the Dominican Republic. The capital of Haití is Puerto Prince.
On the 12th of January 2010 the biggest earthquake in Haiti takes place after 240 years.
Experts say that this earthquake is equivalent to 200.000 kilos of dinamyte.
The earthquacke had a magnitude of 7,3 in Richter’s scale. The epicenter of the earthquacke was very close to the city, which caused a huge damage. Haití is maybe the poorest country of all America and so the damage was bigger than in The Dominican Republic which is part of the same island. Around 200.000 people died.
The European Union spends 229 milions in emergency and promises 200 milions more to help to reconstruct Haití.
Well I have to say that If one day I become a doctor I would like to help when such a disaster happens. I know it’s a very hard job but this would make me feel better and usefull.

Discussion Essay ( Human Rights )

Should Human Rights be enforced by law or optional?

First of all I’m going to answer the question if Human Rights should be enforced by law or be optional and then I’ll justify my answer.

Firstly, from my point of view, Human Rights should be optional, people should respect them because it’s good for all of us. It’s one of those things that benefits everybody and not only a few people. It’s better for us and we’d win things such as respect. In my opinion people should know and respect them with no need of any law. But the thing is that nowadays nobody respects anything and there are lots of selfish people that just think of their own advantages.

Secondly, I think that Human Rights must be enforced by law so people would respect them. So, if we want people to respect Human Rights, we’ll need to force them by law because people won’t obey/respect them until it gets to that point. It’s very sad though that such a thing as Human Rights that benefits us isn’t respected by people.

Thirdly, I think the problem might be that nowadays people in general just think of money and stuff like that, so if it doesn’t get to law they won’t care to listen, they won’t give a damn to waste time listening to weird stuff for them. So if it gets to law, they would listen and think twice to respect them. Besides another problem may be that people don’t even know their Rights, so that means there’s a lack of information of what refers to them.
To conclude with I think we should be more informed about Human Rights and know them better because they are our Rights since the minute we are born, but nobody talks of them, people just care about political things, and this is important too. People have to listen and see what Human Rights are and then they will see it’s better for everyone and maybe so they will be applied to everyone. If information doesn’t succeed at people respecting them they should be definetly forced by law.

Malcom in the middle

Malcom in the middle is a very funny TV serie about a family. The family consist of a mother, a dad, and 4 brothers. The children are always doing stupid things or playing games which they shouldn’t, so they always get in trouble with their mother. When the mother gets angry she is actually very scary, she starts screaming and it’s really funny the way they represent the mother as the worse criature ever. Their dad is just hilarious, he’s always hanging around the house inventing things or rather playing with one of the guys. Sometimes, or nearly all the time the dad and the mother don’t agree about how to punishing their children, but obviously the mother is the boss of the house. The younger brother is very funny and sometimes he seems stupid but well, I wouldn’t say so, because he always gets what he wants though he is very quiet. The second younger brother is the most clever of all the brothers, yeah I guess he’s gifted, all their friends are nerds though he’s cool. He’s always inventing new engines with his friends and he’s always the best at getting out of trouble... though he doesn’t succeed that often. The third brother is well, a trouble-maker, it’s the kind of guy that hits everybody in school, who’s always with the principal and that basically has no friends because of his behaviour. The older brother is in the army, his mother send him there because he was mean and wasn’t behaving well. In the army they are teaching him manners and they are very strict, though he doesn’t care that much, he just wants to leave the place. There’s also a very fat neighbour, he’s always eating huge amounts of food and he’s in love with the mother of the four guys. The fat neighbour works with the mother in a supermarket, and in one chapter of the serie the basic characters of the serie (the family) burns his house while keeping it!!
I recommend to watch this serie just once at least, because if you have free time it’s really funny and it kind of represent families in a funny way.

National Geographic Pictures

From the winners of the National Geographic pictures the one that I liked the most is this one with the elephant. I think it’s a very original picture and it really impressed me to see an elephant under the water, something that I never saw before. Besides this the mixture is incredible; the way half of the picture is in the water and the other half in air. I also like the colours of the picture, the different tones of blue. The dark man standing on the tusks and the clear see makes a really weird impression. In the back of the picture we can also see on the right handside a few mountains, well maybe it’s better to call them rocks, which makes a very nice contrast.

My Christmas Holidays

Those Christmas Holidays I’ve remainded away from my home. When school finished I went to Holland to celebrate Christmas. I went there with my family and it was freezing! It had snowed a lot so my sister and I made a huge snowman. We had a great time there visiting my grandmother and grandfather. We enjoyed walking through Utrecht’s streets. Shopping in Holland was great and more seeing people around riding bycicles. The snow was an extra point to all the Christmas feeling and made it very nice and charming.


Like everyone else I know, I love holidays. I love waking up at lunch time, thinking of nothing to do and just watch TV, going out with non stop... But more special are Christmas Holidays. At Christmas there is like a general law which says you are allowed to eat as much as you want and to buy as much as you can, and well, of course like any other girl I love shopping and I love chocolate. In Christmas everybody is happy with no apparent reason and that creates a really nice atmosphere. All the children are happy and they are looking forward to their christmas presents. It’s lovely to enjoy their pleasure by staring at their faces opening those father christmas gifts. In my opinion Christmas is one of those good lies people make.

British man killed in China

In 2007 a British man was caught carrying kilos of heroïne in a Chinese flight. This caused lots of trouble because following the British laws he had to be sentenced with death. The Bristish goverment asked China to let the man be sentenced in his own country. Meanwhile the man stayed for two years in jail, until he was sentenced in 2009 and was killed.
I wanted to comment on this news because it got my attention when I heard it on TV. I know we can’t do or it’s really hard to do something with justice, but in my opinion it’s very unfair that a man or woman who kills is set free after twenty years and a guy carrying heroine is sentenced to death. I’m not defending the man carrying drugs, no way, I’m just saying how unfair things are nowadays. Maybe all countries should agree on this part of the law. Or maybe we are taking human rights on the wrong way, and we are not receiving the ones we deserve, and we are getting some on the wrong way. Because of those differences of law by judging people (murders, kidnappers...) I wanted to mention this and give my opinion on what a lack of justice we have in our world.


My New Year Resolutions

First of all I have to study, so my most important resolution includes study, study and more study. And I so hope to get good marks! Because our marks this year are very important to decide our future!

Secondly, I want to relax and eat more. Obviously I’m proposing myself to be less nervous, take things easier and not be as anxious as I was last term.

Thirdly, well I don’t actually have a third resolution, but I supose it’s what I always wish: to be healthy, but not just me, my friends and family too.