Everytime he would look out the window he would see her. She was as pale as a death swan, she had beautiful brown locks and a perfect figure. Every girl would have died for her skin.
He was just a normal fellow. He used to go for a run with his dogs to the beach. It was actually there where he first saw her. He couldn’t believe it. He just saw her shadow and he felt so inlove. He felt he was falling so deep, deep, deep under water. A dark blue water. After that time, he saw her once in Paris. He went there for a trip with his girlfriend. When he saw her it was in Notre Dam church (a gorgeous cathedral by the way). During the night he drank wine with his girlfriend and had a romantic dinner. His girlfriend was a thin, dark-eyed, strong woman. His girlfriend was that kind of woman you would always look into her eyes. Her eyes were so strong, so full of power. With a single look she would have told you everything. He had been in love so strongly with her but now he was starting an obsesion with the pale girl. That night in the hotel he slept and dreamt. He slept during fifteen years and when he woke up things started getting serious. He was married with the thin, dark-eyed woman. He had had two little sons, and didn’t realize it. He had lived a life without them. He could only think of that woman. He had been seeing that woman during fifteen years. He had seen her always on the beach or in the Notre Dam church of Paris. His wife loved him but didn’t care anymore of his lack of personality. She was strong enough to keep on going without him, she just didn’t want him to go away. He never told any of his dreams to his wife either to his sons ( he hardly remembered their names). The woman of the dreams had chocolate locks. She was extremily gorgeous everyone would have fallen in love with her. He fell in love at first sight. But he never saw her face. He could just see a perfect and naked back, always insinuating her most intimate parts. He had seen her breast and had smelt her smell. She was so precious, she was just an unbelievable creature that had taken away his life. She was real. She lived in a house in front of the beach. Nobody knew her name, nobody knew much of her. She used to get out of her house at nine o’clock at night and start walking in the shore. She knew the boy was going everyday to the beach so he could see her. She knew she was destroying men’s lives, but she loved to play. She loved to be followed in silence. She loved the way they all admired her. She loved their trying to imagine her smooth skin.
The wife of the man didn’t know any of this. Or maybe she didn’t want to know.
Once, the man went to the beach as usually and she was sitting on shore. He got so happy and full of hope he could ask her name or feel her closer. She knew he had her eyes on her and waited for him to come closer. He came quitely and sat next to her. Her locks where covering her face and with a gentle hand he went to put back her hair. She hesitated. And finally she turned to him and showed the face he was dying to see. And so much he was dying that he got a huge shock. That pretty girl, that huge beauty had a burned face. Her face was like a huge scar. Her face was an eyesore to see. Her face hurted just to see. And she cried, stand up and left. She kept walking everynight as she used to. Once in a while somebody would come to see her, and when she had shown her face they all disappeared.
What’s that? Isn’t cruel to say apperances can be deceiving? Can you throw your live away for a single obsession? And can you judge someone for day physic?
The point of my story is people. People’s attitudes. How far they can go and how quickly they can come back. People can get so obsessed and can think they are in love or they really want something. And then, pum! They don’t like it, it didn’t mean anything to them, they go back. Was this girl being mean at letting the boys follow her? Was she to be blamed for having the face she had? She had once been perfect, the world’s love, the most beautiful creature but something happened. The jealousy burnt her face with the acid of anger.

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