LOUSIANA 02/05/10

There’s a leakage of petrol in Mexico, in Lousiana.
The black marine caused by the leakage is leaking 4 million liters of petrol.
This is very dangerous because it is damaging our environment. All the animals that live in the water will get damaged by the petrol. Petrol sticks to the feathers of the birds and those will die because it brakes their natural protection (impermeable). Fishes will also die because the petrol will stay on top of the water making a small keep which won’t allow the sunlight in. Because of this plants and fishes will die.
The black marine is a huge ambient disaster. Experts say that this disaster could get over five times the Alaska leakage from 1989.
We also know a closer black marine here in Spain. A few years ago a petroleum boat had a leakage and all the petrol leaked into the Galician coast. This disaster was called Prestige.I hope that experts can stop that leakage because it damages lots of living creatures and it damages our environment.

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